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Bodies the Exhibition
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  • Eat Them. They’re Good for You!

    Do you remember hearing your parents or grandparents telling you this at mealtime: ‘Eat them. They’re good for you.’? It was all about eating right, especially your vegetables and not so much meant for punishment. Most often children don’t like eating vegetables, and will fight it to the bitter end. What children don’t understand is that nutrients reside in the small, invisible chemicals in food – chemicals that nourish the body and promote great health and wellness. Since March is National Nutrition Month (sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) it’s about time to get ‘up close and personal’ with these life promoting chemicals.

  • United States Presidents and Their Health

    Many Americans often only see one side of their president – calm, poised, well-spoken and well-mannered. However, presidents often have ailments, mysteries and personal issues to adhere – a side not often seen by the American people. Whether it be something minor like chronic headaches or more serious conditions like heart attacks and strokes, many presidents in the United States suffered from at least some sort of health-related illness.

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