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800px-Sleeping_studentsIs There Such a Thing as Too Much Sleep?


Researchers say that there is such a thing as too much sleep.   Just as a person that sleeps too little, sleeping too much can cause a person to be sleepier.  One study has shown that a person that sleeps more than the suggested six to eight hours a night does just as poorly as a person that sleeps less than six hours a night on a cognitive reasoning test.


toxoplasmosis20x03Could Viruses Influence our Brains?


Scientists have discovered infections that alter the behavior in plants, humans and other mammals. In the past, findings from the tomato plant concluded the majority of microbe behavior research. In the example of a tomato plant, a virus relies on a certain insect called a thrip, which jumps from plant to plant, sticking it’s oral probe into the plant’s cells to spread the virus. The virus itself manipulates the insect to get to the next plant.  Once the thrip consumes the virus, its behavior changes because it spends more time feeding and licking plant cells, coating each tomato cell with the virus in the process.


math-problemsWhen Anxiety Hinders Performance


Math problems are enough to sweat about for teachers and students, but new research has shown that early anxiety is often times associated with math. To be clear, math anxiety is more than just disliking math; someone with math anxiety feels negatively when engaging in activities involving numbers or math skills.


KLM_headphonesDo Teens have the Brain Power to Predict Success?


Gregory Berns and Sara Moore from the Center for Neuropolicy at Emory University have made a breakthrough in a phenomenon that has had us all scratching our heads: Why do certain songs get stuck in our heads?  They have concluded that the strength of brain activity in teens could predict which songs would sell over 20,000 copies and which songs would not as calculated by Nielsen Standards. Labs show that 90% of the songs that received a weak neural response sold fewer than 20,000 copies. [1]

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