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Field Trips

BODIES…The Exhibition is a face-to-face anatomy learning lab.
A visit to BODIES…The Exhibition will give students an in-depth look at what lies beneath their skin.  This Atlanta field trip destination will teach students about the human body from the inside-out.  It also shows, in detail, the effects of certain lifestyle decisions, such as smoking and obesity.

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Classroom Extension Activities

Create A Travel Brochure for the Human Skeletal System. As the travel writer for your local newspaper, you have been asked to design a brochure for a luxury tour through one system of the human body. Select your destination! Be sure to highlight the trendy spots, all exciting activities, and the imports and exports of the areas. For insurance considerations, point out all possible dangers or special precautions that tourists might encounter during their visit.

Complete An Anti-Tobacco Public Service Campaign. Create a series of videos to post online aimed at convincing people not to smoke. Write the copy, select the graphics and edit your ads so that your message is effective, to-the-point, and is taken seriously. Present your final online campaign to your classmates and/or family.

Create A Brain Health & Safety Handbook. What can you do to help develop and protect your brain? First, conduct research. Then, design and create a handbook that communicates the most important practices. Your final project could be a multimedia or online virtual handbook as well as a printed product to appear in your school newspaper or on your class website.

Online Resources Discover how the body works and what can make the body sick by reading through these expert articles written just for kids. An exploration of anatomy designed for students ages 11 to 16 years. This Web site explores the science behind eye gunk, ear wax, dandruff, and other bodily functions that are often considered “yucky” and “gross.” There is also a drop-down menu that provides information about systems of the body. How do the lungs work? What hazards threaten the respiratory system? And what can kids do about them? This engaging Web site has information, printed worksheets and games for students in elementary, middle and high school.



Inside Your Outside! All About the Human Body. Tish Rabe. Random House, 2003.

Young children will love this Cat in the Hat -style introduction to the human body. Beginning readers will enjoy the rhyming and the illustrations. Whether children read this book independently or listen to it as a read-aloud, it will reinforce the science content. The topic is appropriate for early childhood education since learning about the body is included in national and most state standards. While other books on the subject of the human body that go into greater detail and specificity and deal with the topic in a more scholarly way, this Seuss-like style has a great appeal for children. This book is a good choice for teachers looking to integrate reading and science.


Middle School

Human Body, An Interactive Guide to the Inner Workings of the Body, Steve Parker, Quarto Children’s Books, 2008

Vivid color photos and artwork are enhanced with gatefolds, tabs to lift, and ingenious pop-up features that give kids an interactive tour of the human body. This book's illustrations and explanatory text demonstrate how food nourishes the body, how the network of bones gives the body both strength and flexibility, how the brain controls everything we think and feel, and much more. The most interesting parts of the book are the small fact boxes on each page which provide much food for thought about the amazing human body.


High School

The Human Body Book and DVD, An Illustrated Guide to Its Structure, Function and Disorders, Steve Parker, DK Publishing, 2007.

Revealing and detailing all aspects of the body, from the secrets of DNA to the functions of every major body system, this encyclopedic volume is packed with stunning and detailed visuals and includes a DVD that reveals all of the body's inner workings. Also includes accessible health and medical information that makes this book ideal for families, students, health professionals, or anyone who wants to learn more about the human body.


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